Self-Care In The Summer

One-Day Workshop

Designed to help young girls learn the essentials of self-care. We provide easy-to-implement self-care strategies for pre-teens and teens to ensure they are well-balanced, and educated on calming daily routines. This program empowers young women to develop sustainable self-care habits.

SPARKS: Confidence Builder
4-week Program
Designed to help young girls build confidence, resilience, and overall well-being. We provide interactive activities that help pre-teens and teens learn how to be confident in their daily decisions and break free from peer pressure.
Grow In God Bible Study

Every Tuesday @ 6pm EST

"Grow in God," an enriching Bible study meetup designed specifically for Gen Z girls seeking a deeper understanding of the Scriptures and a closer relationship with God.

When you enroll your daughter into the energizeHER Village, she will have access to all of our summer camps, monthly teen summits, and other exciting events! Allow energizeHER Village for Girls to be your village.
Girlpreneurship Academy

90-Day Program

Through interactive workshops, mentorship, and hands-on activities, participants learn essential entrepreneurial strategies, from idea generation to business planning and marketing.

Sparkle Squad

9-week Fitness/Nutrition Program

Designed to ignite a passion for health and wellness. Through a variety of exciting activities, including dance parties, scavenger hunts, and themed workouts, participants will discover the joy of staying active and nourishing their bodies with nutritious foods.

Media Camps

3-week Workshops & Celebration

Designed to energize the creativity in our girls, our media camps offer programs to help GenZ become podcasters, magazine creators, talk show hosts, authors, radio DJs, and more!