GenZ Girls Celebrate Graduation from Podcast Summer Camp

Celebrate the success of the GenZ Girls' Summer Podcast Camp, where six young podcasters graduated after a dynamic 3-week program.


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GenZ Girls Celebrate Graduation from energizeHERVillage for Girls Podcast Summer Camp

Fredericksburg, Virginia, June 29, 2024 — The GenZ Girls' Summer Podcast Camp has successfully concluded its first dynamic 3-week program, celebrating the graduation of six talented new podcasters. This unique camp, designed to build confidence and amplify the voices of young girls, provided an engaging and interactive learning experience that equipped participants with essential podcasting skills.

The camp, organized by energizeHERVillage for Girls, offered a comprehensive curriculum that taught about podcast tools and accessories, recording techniques, content creation, interviewing skills, and strategies for growing and monetizing a podcast. Throughout the program, the girls participated in hands-on activities, received personalized coaching, and developed their podcasts.

Quotes from the Graduates:

"I loved learning how to interview people and make my podcast sound really cool!"

"This camp helped me feel more confident in speaking and sharing my ideas.

"I can’t wait to keep podcasting and share my thoughts."

Testimonials from Parents:

"The camp was a fantastic experience for my daughter. She learned so much and had a blast!"

"Seeing my daughter’s confidence grow week by week was truly amazing. Thank you, Mrs. Tameka, for your dedication and support."

Instructors’ Remarks:

"We are incredibly proud of these young podcasters. Their creativity, enthusiasm, and hard work have been inspiring. We can't wait to see what they achieve in the future," said Tameka Chapman, Founder of energizeHER Village for Girls.

The GenZ Girls' Summer Podcast Camp has not only empowered these young girls with the skills to create and share their podcasts but also instilled a sense of confidence and self-expression that will benefit them in all areas of their lives.

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energizeHER Village for Girls is a registered 501c3 organization created to energize girls' aspirations by providing a safe and supportive space to help them uncover their true talents and teach them to love the life they live... now! energizeHER Village for Girls helps girls gain the skills, confidence, and knowledge to create a positive impact in their lives and those around them. Our girls are equipped to dismantle the status quo and be leaders that the world needs.



Tameka Chapman

Founder & President, energizeHER Village for Girls